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This is a true story, this is my true feelings when I read this book, this book is placed on the table, I have fallen tears countless times, this bug, really, it never knows that it is doing Well, he was very focused when he climbed, because the bug does not want to continue to climb other things, then we humans are also changed from animals, but why we ca n’t do it, so I believe that this miracle also exists in humans. That glove is also very beautiful, and it is like our footprints, put on the feet of the glove, crawl on the ground, like a worm. This glove also has a sense of declaration, telling the

world what we think. People who wear gloves and people who wear feet also seem to return to a primitive state like an insect, and also become an insect. Again, we only look at the direction we are going and never give up.



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