Luxury Weeds

 In fact, this project was done with a rebellion against fashion, to make a voice or to prove my beliefs through practice. That’s right, firstly, I believe that creating something is not about following a step-by-step procedure and then setting up a concept to mechanically implement it.

For me, creation should be based on moving. Secondly, nowadays, in luxury designer stores, when people walk in, they turn into a machine, I think the definition of luxury should be something that touches your soul, and luxury should be something that cannot be traded for money or effort something special, something not easily available is luxury, which today is defined as money-related valuables, but at the same time should be should be beautiful, and in receiving beauty can allow you to perceive the self, and in perceiving the self, one is in a natural soft A soft state of being melted, and this melting is a kind of oneness with oneself, or an affirmation of one's own forehead, or It's with the help of this state to give yourself an affirmation, so this is ultimately a softness, an emotion that happens in the moment.