God Gives us Your Hand

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About your fifirst exhibition ‘Art of Trust’, whats all the story behind the show, or what kind of thought push you to start this whole things?

I don’t really have anything to expresse at that moment, and i didn’t really plan to start doing an exhibition. its

just we were up to opening our store, it was the fifirst day of my career, so we were thinking about to do a kind

of opening ceremony, to tell the peoples we are here, we are ready to make some voice, and we want

peoples knowing us. Then we used a lots of papers to cover up all the windows, its more like to make some

teasing for the audience. But actually i was not really my plan at that time, cause we were cleaning the

basement which we were just fifinished our installation, and there are not much more time for us to used, so

its quite rush to do it, its hard to fifinish the rest of upstairs.